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Alexa...Make My Life Easier!

Being a mother, wife, and business owner is chaotic enough - now throw in a global health pandemic and balance seems impossible! I am constantly looking for ways to make my days more efficient so that I can give more time to the people I love. I definitely don’t have all of the answers but there are certainly products that make my life just a bit easier. Check them out below!

The Magical Air Fryer

This has changed my life. Frozen chicken? Pop it in the air fryer. Potatoes? Air fryer! Veggies, fish, pizza? Toss it in the air fryer! Not only does this make cooking quick and easy, everything tastes delicious too! There are countless air fryer recipes for any meal you want that will cut your cooking time and effort tremendously. Honey, do yourself a favor and get you one!


Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but Alexa is a mama's home girl! There are countless uses of the Amazon Echo that help me daily. First, reminders - “Alexa, remind me to buy toilet paper tomorrow morning”. She can make lists as well so as you need things throughout the week, just shout them to Alexa and she can rattle them off on grocery day.

(An Affordable) Robot Vacuum

Praise God for modern technology! Robot vacuums have been notoriously expensive but as they have grown in popularity there are definitely many affordable options. You can set them to go off at any time of the day that works best for you and watch the magic happen. A robot vacuum is especially helpful if you have wood floors and/or a dog! Mine is called "Boo." So when I see her doing her thing I just say "Thanks, Boo!" and give it a little wink.

Packing Cubes

I recently discovered what all of the hype around packing cubes was all about. They are typically sold in a set with a variety of sizes for any purpose. They allow you to pack more efficiently by sorting items into different cubes - tops, bottoms, undergarments, toiletries - and give you much more space as well! Since we're on what seems like a permanent staycation at home, I've taken time to clean out our closets. It's obvious I'm a shopaholic so these come in handy as I'm organizing and storing clothes we don't need right now but want to save for later.

A Griddle

You can make a breakfast of champions on a griddle. Eggs, pancakes, and bacon all on one surface and cooking at the same time. That means less dishes, less clean up time and your family gets to enjoy a wonderful meal - win, win for everyone! My hubby really thinks I'm in the kitchen slaving for a lovely breakfast. He's even taken Arya for an hour suggesting I rest after putting in so much work. Who am I to let him in on my little secret? Mama needs a break any chance she can get it!

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