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Arya's (Virtual) Birthday Celebration

Back in May I posted 10 Ideas for a Fun Virtual Celebration. My husband always says I do the most, so you know when it comes to celebrating our love baby's 2nd birthday I'm not going to let a global pandemic stop this party train! I used my previous tips to make a magical birthday for our little one.

Arya is OBSESSED with Peppa Pig so originally we had plans to host her birthday shindig at Peppa Pig World.

This mama always has a Plan B

Welp - just like everything else in 2020, that plan went up in flames. I decided that if I couldn't take my baby to Peppa Pig World then it was coming to her. I'm not the creative type - definitely better at delegating until my vision is achieved so I immediately began partnering with vendors to help me pull off her special day.

Send invitations further in advance if you plan on sending a party box to guests who RSVP

Invitations were mailed about a month before the party. That way we knew who planned to attend so we could get their party box shipped out the week of the vent. Once invitations were settle, we got to work on bringing the party atmosphere to guests' homes. The pandemic has made people feel isolated and it's hard to find much to be cheerful about these days. We wanted to celebrate Arya, but also bring smiles to those nearest and dearest to us during these unprecedented times.

Logistics and details

We had over 40 party boxes personalized and tailored to each guest, stuffed with some of Arya's favorite goodies and delivered around the country. If we couldn't celebrate together physically, we would bring the party to them. Snacks, birthday dessert, drinks, party favors - each box tailored to the party guest. Family members received branded t-shirts and matching masks because why not have birthday masks to commemorate your COVID birthday celebration?

The set up

The day before the party, Mike and I decorated Arya's playroom and that nigh we stayed up assembling Arya's kitchen set and wrapping her birthday gifts. We filled it with balloons to make it as magical for her as possible. When the double doors opened we wanted her to be flooded with balloons and birthday magic! We made sure to set up our laptop properly so guests got a good view of the room so they could watch the birthday girl as she ran, played and squealed with excitement.

Timing is everything

We have family around the world so selecting a time that worked for everyone was super important. Arya's party started at 11:00am central so guests from coast to coast could join us either over breakfast or lunch depending on the coast and family overseas could join before turning in for the night. We spent about 45 minutes on Zoom singing "Happy Birthday," watching the birthday girl open her presents, and pigging out (no pun intended) on our party box goodies.

Huge shout out to my mom and brother who helped assemble, deliver and ship all of our party boxes since we're still on mandated isolation.

In the end, a good time was had by all and especially by the birthday girl. She went down easy for her afternoon nap giving Mama Pig and Daddy Pig a chance to catch our breath (and sneak another piece of birthday cake.) So, do you think I did the most or was this the cutest virtual birthday celebration you've seen?

Thank you to our incredible vendors!

Canva (Peppa Pig Invitations)

Great Indulgences Baking (Birthday Cake)

Taste E's Sweet's and Treats (Peppa Pig Cookies)

J&J Riley Creationz (Branded t-shirts and masks)

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