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Dressing for Success in a Virtual Corporate America

So much of our lives have changed over the past six months! Not only are many companies conducting interviews virtually but many are still implementing work from home policies. Some of you may have utilized virtual programs like Zoom, Teams and Slack pre-pandemic and for some, all of this may be brand new! “Can everyone see my screen?”, “Can you hear me okay?”, “I think you’ve lost connection” are all common phrases most of us are hearing these days. Now you get to wake up and work in your favorite sweats from the comfort of your own home – but what happens when your boss calls a virtual meeting?!

Many companies have regularly scheduled virtual meetings so that employees can stay connected while working remotely – and probably so they can check in on you too! Now the question becomes – do I need to wear pants? I mean they can only see the top half, so it is a valid question! The answer though, is yes. When it comes to an interview or a meeting, it is always best to err on the side of caution. You never know if someone will knock on your door or if your toddler is going to walk in and you must stand up – business on top and lazy day on the bottom may be a bit awkward!

A good rule of thumb is to follow your company’s in office dress code in your virtual meetings. If this is a new position and you have yet to go into the office, check out your employee handbook or onboarding documents for guidance. The reason for your meeting can also dictate how you will want to dress and look. A full face of makeup probably is not required for your daily quick connect with your team (although you will still want to dress the part). On the other hand, for any client facing virtual meetings you will want to dress and present yourself just like you would in person!

Management and employees are all trying to navigate this new territory together so do not be afraid to reach out to your boss or HR department if you are ever unsure of something. Dressing for success applies virtually just as much as it does in person! You want to present yourself well to your team, management and clients in order to show them that working from home does not take away from your ability to get stuff done. Look good, feel good, do good!

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