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Every Day is Earth Day

Taking care of our planet so that our little ones can have a bright and healthy future is so important! Each year on Earth day we take the time to learn a little more and find ways that we can help our Earth in our every day routines. In 1969 a heavily polluted river caught on fire - this terrible event is what pushed the American public into creating the first Earth Day in 1970 in which almost 20 million people participated! Now it is a world wide event that more than 190 countries partake in each year! Here are some fun ways to get your little ones involved in Earth Day this year and easy things you can incorporate into your life.

Sorting Bins

Set up a sorting station with three bins: Trash, Recycle and Compost. Teach your little ones about what each one means and then have them practice putting items into the correct bin! This small addition to your home can make such an impact!

Growing Plants

This can be however big or small of a project that fits into your life! Whether a couple of potted plants or a small garden - this is a fun way to show your kids how things grow, how to take care of them and why plants are vital to our survival here on Earth. It's a bonus if they can grow something they can eat as well!

Paper Making Kit

While this may not be enough to replace all of your paper needs - you can use a paper making kit to make your own paper for at home projects! This is a craft in and of itself and teaches about sustainability!

Visit a National Park (or local nature preserve)

Depending on where you live, take a trip to a National Park or local nature preserve! Go for a walk and take in all of the plant and animal life around you. You can even create a scavenger hunt of all the things you think you will see and have the kids check them off as they come across them!

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