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New Momma Favorites

On July 29th I offically became a momma of two beautiful children! I can't believe it has already been over a month since Lucas was born, it is crazy how fast time goes by when you're in the newborn bubble. As this is my second time around, I learned A LOT from when Arya was a baby and I want to share with you all of my favorite new momma buys! Be sure to check out my Amazon storefront here to find even more of my go - to items.

  1. A Travel System Stroller

An all-in-one stroller is definitely the way to go. This one converts from an infant car seat frame to stroller seat or carriage mode so easily. It will make running errands with a baby a little less of a hassle! Find the one I recommend here.

2. Not just any baby swing

The right baby swing can be a LIFE SAVER and even give you a few minutes to finish up laundry or sit down and take a break. This baby swing mimics all of the movements of actually holding your baby and even connects to your phone so you can control it ro

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