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Online Safety for Kids: 101

It’s hard to believe that Arya is already over 3 years old! But what’s even crazier is how toddlers her age are already better with technology than I am. My husband has had to explain the difference between WiFi and internet one too many times so keeping up with kids who were born at the height of technology can be a challenge. Computer engineering, coding, and app building are all incredibly useful skills that this new generation will be primed for acquiring but there is also so much out there that we may not want them to see just yet.

On top of trying to protect them from seeing only age appropriate things, we also have to keep them safe from those with malicious intent. It’s a difficult balance! So, in order for me to feel comfortable and for Arya to stay occupied with her tablet when I need a break, these are a few ways I keep her safe online!

  1. Secure your Router

With certain routers, you can block certain websites and create adult content controls and even set a schedule for screen time. Additionally, adjust any settings and controls on the actual device or apps as you see fit!

2. The Verizon Gizmo Watch

This is a great option for kids who are not yet ready for a cell phone. This watch contains a list of 10 approved contacts for two-way calling and messaging, is waterproof, is fitted with GOS locating and since it’s a watch, is less likely for your kids to lose.

3. Review Downloads

Kids as young as 3 are able to download apps with ease. Not only can this cost you unwanted money but also could lead to something you may not approve of being downloaded. Set a rule early that all new app downloads to any device must first be approved by an adult.

4. Open Communication

As you deem appropriate, start talking to your little ones about internet safety - especially about exchanging information online. Starting this open line of communication early on will open the door for them to come to you in the even they come across something precarious online.

Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, there are many resources for how you can keep you children safe online at any stage. Let us know your tips below!

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