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Summer Birthday Do's and Don'ts

They say that as you get older, time starts to go by faster - and boy does it! I can not believe Arya is going to be 3! It is amazing to watch a little person grow day by day as they get taller, develop their personality, and learn more about the world around them. Last year, we celebrated Arya's 2nd birthday virtually but this year we will be able to do a little more. With a second summer baby almost here, I am becoming an expert on throwing a summer bash. Check out my do's and don'ts below!

Do have a water activity! Living in Texas, this is a must but it is also a great addition to a summer party anywhere. Whether that is renting an inflatable slide, putting out sprinklers, or a homemade slip n' slide - a water feature will always be a hit!

Don't forget a refreshing drink. Lemonade, Sweet Tea or Sangria (the adults need a drink too!) will be key in keeping your guests cool and happy! I love to match large batches and fill display pitchers with a variety of options - they are super cute and functional!

Do have outdoor games! There are so many fun games you can incoporate to your outdoor party! Cornhole, water balloons, races, and more! Have all those little ones run around and burn off some energy!

Don't forget the snacks! Between playing and the heat, everyone will be hungry! Watermelon, sliders, hotdogs, popsicles, and kabobs are always a hit at a summer party - they are tastey and portable!

Do have lots of sunscreen - those little ones will need it!

Don't forget about seating and shade. Having ample seating, preferably under some shade, will make all of your guest happy!

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