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Telecommuting in the COVID Age

It’s Monday night and I’m working! It can be so hard separating work and home life now that most of us are telecommuting. Here are some ways (I’m trying) to set boundaries and be successful in our new normal.

1. Pick a room or space that’s for work only. Once work is over, leave it in that space.

2. Set your office hours, lunch schedule and break schedule. When you’re on break go to a different part of your home - get away from “your office."

3. If you’re sharing your new office with a spouse or loved one it can get noisy. Book meetings based on your schedule and his - that way you avoid having extra background noise.

4. Move your body! We’re used to running around an office. Don't become idle at home. Go for a walk outside on your break. Walk to nearby coffee shop for morning coffee. Get moving!

5. Be gracious. It’s a crazy time and we’re all trying to create a new way to work and live. If someone hasn’t responded to your missed call or email or isn’t delivering at the level they usually do give them a pass. Most of us are trying to keep our head above water at work while juggling personal responsibilities. Be kind - even to yourself.

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