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Thanksgiving Activities

It can definitely be a difficult task keeping little ones busy especially during this time of year when they are out of school for the holidays. With activities limited this year, it may take a little bit of creativity to come up with new ideas but this is what I am here for! Check out the list below for some Thanksgiving activities for the whole family.

  • Gratitude Jar - The week before Thanksgiving put out a jar of any sort, a bunch of small pieces of paper and a pen. During the week everyone can write down things they are grateful for about member of the family – big or small! Then during Thanksgiving dinner everyone can go around the table, pull out a paper and read it out loud. These can either be anonymous or not!

  • DIY Dinner Plates – This is a great way for your little ones to have their creations put to use! All you need is a glass plate, an assortment of permanent markers and a clear protective coating. Once they have decorated their plates, put them in the oven for 30 minutes on 350 degrees and then let the plates cool down. Next, you will need to spray the plates with a coating, I recommend the Krylon® Acrylic Crystal Clear, then you are good to go!

  • Personalized Name Cards – Adding name cards to your Thanksgiving table is a nice touch to make your guests feel special. Using a thick paper, cut the appropriate size, fold into a tent and have your little ones write down each name. You could also use colored paper and cut them into leaves to use as name cards too!

  • Butcher Paper Tablecloth –These are great for the kids table or even for the big kids! Swap out a typical table cloth for butcher paper and have the kids write words or draw pictures of what they are thankful for this year.

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