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Tips for a Successful Spring Cleaning

How is it already March?! 2022 seems to be flying by - which means we are slowly getting closer to everyone's Spring cleaning. AH. The busy holiday season is over and now we can all take inventory of the items we have accumulated over the past year. I am no Marie Kondo but I do love a some good organization. With two little ones, staying organized can be tough but here is what I have found works best for me:

My Closet

You all know that I love to shop so it's no wonder my closet has grown immensely over the years! If you have a lot of clothes, shoes and purses like me it can be difficult to find a good organization system. For me I organize my clothes using two metrics: color and length (i.e short sleeve, long sleeve). First, pull out all of your clothes - just do it! It may seem daunting but I promise it ends up being the most effective. Then organize them by color and put them back accordingly. As far as shoes, I also organize those by color and by style (heel, boot, sneaker). Depending on the space in your closet, a shoe rack may be beneficial for you as well!

My Kitchen

Okay, now this can be a big undertaking so am just going to focus on the pantry and refrigerator. Bins are going to be your best friends here! Take inventory of your items and select storage options that will best contain your items. You can then arrange the bins by items - snacks, condiments, canned goods. If you're feeling a little extra, you can get clear containers for your pasta, flour, rice and other staple items and then refill them as you need. Here's what mine looks like!

Arya's Room

Kid's rooms are bound to get messy basically every day so the best way to keep these spaces organized are by keeping only the essentials! Every few months as Arya outgrows a chunk of clothing, we take them out of her closet and organize them into bins by size to store in the attic. You can have a fun in your little ones room by organizing books by color, making a display of all their hair bows or getting a colorful toy organizer!

Get Everyone Involved

Kids are never too young to help clean! Give everyone a job and get them started - your partner too. I know it may seem like a large undertaking but it will definitely be worth it every time you open up your closet or pantry! Also, don't feel like you need to do it all at once - pick an area to work on for the weekend and definitely enlist all of the extra hands you can get!

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