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Tips For Getting Back to Work After Unemployment

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had many devastating effects, one of which is the vast unemployment rate which reached 13% in May. The job pool will be overflowing with candidates that are all looking to get back to work as soon as possible so it is important to go into your job search fully prepared. You will want to stand out to employers so that you have the best chance to move on to the interview process. Below are a few tips:

1. Revamp Your Resume

Your resume is the best place for you to stand out and really sell your skills to an employer. When it comes to experience, lead with your strongest asset. You will also want to quantify your experience and performance to show future employers what they can expect from you. Don’t forget to double check for grammar and spelling as well!

2. Update Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource, not only for connecting with other professionals but also for job searching. Make sure your profile is up to date and accurately reflects your experience and skills. Also, be sure to select “Show recruiters you’re open to job opportunities” so that you will come up in search results. Also, put your contact information in your About section. Depending on the degrees of separation, a recruiter might not be able to see your contact information if it’s just included in your profile and not in the About section.

3. Create a Profile on Major Job Sites

Along with LinkedIn, be sure to create a profile and upload your resume to other job search engines like Indeed, Monster, and Zip Recruiter. Be sure to select the option to get emails of job opportunities that match your searches - this way you get open positions sent right to your inbox!

4. Virtual Job Fairs!

Everyone is adjusting to a new way of life and that includes employers! Type into Google “Job Fair [Your City]” to find opportunities near you!

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