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Virtual Birthday Party Fun!

People are cutting back and trying to save where they can. Economists, scientists, and doctors have all warned of the world’s impending doom so you’re thinking about cancelling your little one’s birthday plans? This mama says STOP!

My daughter, Arya, is turning 2 in July. Sure, we can’t go to Peppa Pig World as planned, but a virtual birthday party can still create special memories for her and your little ones. Here are 10 ways to make your physically distant birthday party a success!

1. Book your virtual location!

Create your videoconference meeting first so you can include the information on the invitations. To be safe, require guests to use a secret passcode to enter the virtual party.

2. Timing is everything!

When booking your videoconference consider having a short birthday party. Little ones can’t focus on a screen for very long so while the typical birthday party can last anywhere between 1 to 2 hours, Arya’s celebration will be a quick 30 minutes. Long enough to sing Happy Birthday, watch her open a few gifts and make silly faces with her friends and family.

3. Designate IT Support

I am the worst when it comes to technology. Helpdesk team members hate to see me coming. My husband on the other hand is a techie. Go on and designate a friend or family member to manage tech support. This way if you or any guests run into issues before or during the party, they have a contact and aren’t blowing up your phone.

4. Decide on a theme.

Who doesn’t love a themed party? It’s practically a requirement for kiddy celebrations. Arya is currently obsessed with Peppa Pig so that’s what we’re going with for her 2nd birthday celebration.

5. Mail the invitations!

I’m a sucker for a great invitation. I know snail mail is old school, but invitations are little mementos that help me remember special events. I have stacks of invitations I’ve sent and received over the years and if there’s one thing I know – my little one LOVES to check the mail. Address the invitations to the children – that will make their day! If you’re hesitant about going to the post office, Paperless Post has some adorable e-vites you could send as well. Don’t forget to include the special passcode so guests can access the party.

6. Goodie bags are still a must!

Just because we’re celebrating apart doesn’t mean the kiddos miss out on a goodie bag! If your budget allows, put together a surprise goodie box for guests to receive in the mail a few days before the party. Arya’s goodie box will include a party hat, bubbles, crayons and a coloring book, themed snacks, and even a Sprinkles gift card so guests can pick out their favorite cupcake since we can’t have birthday cake together.

7. Gifts!

Your presence at the virtual party is gift enough, but if you’re set on giving a gift here are some hands-off options to consider.

1. Donate to the little one’s college or saving account

2. Send an e-gift card to Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby

3. Donate to a children’s group in his or her name

4. Send an e-certificate for a future visit to the Zoo, Aquarium or other fun kid-friendly destination

8. Create a fun playlist!

No one wants to be sitting on a videoconference birthday party without fun tunes! Create a themed playlist that can play in the background while the virtual birthday party is going on (or just hop on Pandora or YouTube)

9. Games!

We can still play fun games even though we’re celebrating apart. You can have the little ones find items in their house that are different colors, start with a certain letter and more! There are tons of fun games to play virtually.

10. Thank you notes are still required

You didn’t think I was going to let you slide without sending a thank you note did you? Life may be turned upside down, but proper etiquette is still required. Drop thank you notes in the mail to anyone who gifted your little one something special.

Mama, this is going to be one virtual birthday party no one will forget! Check back in July for pictures of Arya’s virtual 2nd birthday celebration!

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