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Your Spring Break Survival Guide

Wherever you may be in the country, it is about to be Spring Break season! Just because all of our little ones are out of school, that doesn't mean work ends for all of us. If you aren't one of the lucky families who can take a trip during this time, it can be difficult managing having all of the kids back at home for the week. Mike and I both work from home so we have a full house during school breaks! Here are a few of my tips for keeping the sanity and also having a fun spring break.

  1. Play Dates

There are definitely other families in the same boat as you - whether they work from home or commute into an office, everyone has to make adjustments this week. Connect with other families to plan play dates, child care and carpools!

2. Day Camps

A lot of cities, schools or local organizations will have day camps offered during Spring Break. Do your kiddos like sports or drawing or theater? Try looking up hobby specific day camps in your area to keep the kids busy during the day while also doing some enrichment that they enjoy.

3. Go Camping (sort of!)

The weather is finally warming up in most places which could mean perfect weather for outdoor camping! Set up tents, s'mores, and even an outdoor movie night in your backyard for a fun spring break staycation. If you aren't able to get outside, try a fort night in the living room! Pro-tip: use battery powered string lights to add an extra element of fun to your tent!

4. Treasure Hunt

Now this one may take some additional upfront planning but could keep your little ones busy for hours and hours! Set up a treasure hunt around the house by hiding clues that will eventually lead them to the hidden treasure. You can adjust the difficulty depending on the ages and increase the "zone" if they are older as well.

Let us know in the comments what you do to keep your kids busy during Spring Break!

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